Speech therapy for voice, singing, breath and throat

Voice care is a speech therapy practice with a specialization in the field of voice, singing, breath and throat.

Within Stemzorg only these aspects of speech therapy are treated in order to provide the best and specialized treatment possible.

The executive speech therapists are Cindy Maes , Silke van Niel, Martine van der Meulen and Veerle Koenen .


From 1-7-2020 we will be called Stemzorg instead of Logopediepraktijk Eindhoven.

The specialized offer remains unchanged.


Discover the possibilities of your voice


You can go to Stemzorg for treatments in the following areas:

- Breathing and hyperventilation

- Voice problems

- Problems and questions about the singing voice

- Manual facilitation (larynx massage)

- Presentation skills

- Gender dysphonia

- Globus feelings (lump in the throat)

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