Cindy Maes

As a child I was constantly engaged in music and singing, and I gained my first stage experience at a young age. Since then, singing has been central to my life, and this interest has led me to study speech therapy. During the speech therapy training my interest in the voice and voice problems grew.

In July 2007 I graduated from the Speech Therapy course in Eindhoven, after which I immediately started working in practice and followed many courses in the field of breath, voice and singing. From 2010 I started my own practice, in order to fully implement my vision and treatment method.

I want to offer you a broad spectrum of techniques and skills, so that together we can determine what suits you best. I see the body and the voice as a beautiful, unique, powerful but also vulnerable instrument. An instrument that you can learn to play in order to achieve your goal as well as possible. This goal can be different for each person. For example, one person wants to solve his or her breathing, voice, speech or singing problems and the other wants to develop his or her skills in presenting or singing more.

I tailor treatment to your question and your options.