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Most health insurers currently have direct access to speech therapy. However, we prefer to treat with a referral, and therefore greatly appreciate that you have a referral from a general practitioner or ENT doctor.


When you register yourself or your child for speech therapy, you will be asked what the complaint is. As long as there is no waiting list, an appointment can be made immediately for an introductory meeting (without obligation).

First date

During the first appointment, we discuss your complaints, the (im) possibilities of your voice or breath, and we talk about a possible treatment process. In addition, we will assess your speaking and singing voice in order to estimate as accurately as possible what we will do in the treatment. We also investigate the muscle tone of the muscles in the head and neck area

Please bring with you at the first appointment:

- Referral
- Your health insurance card
- Valid ID

Identification obligation

If you receive medical care, as in our practice, you must be able to show a valid ID.

The identification requirement in healthcare applies to everyone, including minors under the age of 14. We therefore ask you to ensure that you have a valid ID with you at the first appointment.


A treatment takes half an hour by default. During the treatment there will be practice and the intention is to repeat these exercises at home. The course of the treatment is regularly discussed with you. The number of treatments depends on the type and severity of the complaint.


An appointment made must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the costs of the planned consultation must still be charged.


Of course we hope that our guidance and assistance will meet your needs. If you have complaints about the examination and / or the therapy, we would like you to discuss this with the treating therapist first. If your therapist does not know that you are dissatisfied, she cannot resolve the complaint. You can also contact the practice holder, Cindy Maes.

If you cannot resolve the matter together, you can submit your complaint to the Paramedics Complaints Desk .

The right to complain for patients is laid down in the Wkkgz Act. The complaints procedure of the Dutch Association for Speech Therapy and Phoniatrics (NVLF) is linked to this. Stemzorg follows this complaints procedure.


The treatment is fully or partially reimbursed by health insurer. The rates for speech therapy are established by law. The basic insurance includes speech therapy in the basic package; both for children and adults.

We have no contracts with the health insurers.

The reimbursement you receive differs per health insurance policy and depends on the type of policy you have.
With a reimbursement policy you will be reimbursed 100%
You will be reimbursed 50-80% with a policy in kind.

In both cases, the costs will first be deducted from the deductible, which will be € 385 in 2020.

You will also have to pay for the first consultations at contracted speech therapists based on your deductible

Introductory meeting 30 min

Voice research

Introduction and voice research 60 min

Treatment 30 min


Separate Manual Facilitation

First appointment Manual Facilitation

We work with Infomedics.

You will receive an invoice from them, which you can declare directly to your health insurer. You will then receive part or all of it back from the health insurer afterwards.

€ 40.00

€ 40.00

€ 80.00

€ 40.00

€ 40.00

€ 80.00