Martine van der Meulen

When I had to choose a study I knew: I want to do something with singing, or 'help people'. Speech therapy turned out to be a great opportunity to combine both! It was immediately clear where my heart lay within speech therapy, so I chose the singing voice as the subject for both my graduation theses (HBO-Speech and Language Pathology). Since 2011 I only work with clients with breathing, throat, cough, swallowing and speaking and singing voice complaints.

In my treatments we practice in a positive and relaxed atmosphere to solve your problem, for example to optimize your voice or to get it healthy again. What you want to achieve with speech therapy is central and I try to give you the insight and the tools as quickly as possible to become your own therapist.


I really enjoy continuing to develop and that is why I participate in refresher courses and conferences as much as possible. For example, I have followed courses in various singing methods (EVT, CVT, Universal Voice System). I also like to sing myself, as an amateur, in a blues band and in an orchestra that plays folk music from Southeastern Europe.

In addition to Voice Care, I work two days a week as a voice teacher at the speech therapy course at Hogeschool Utrecht.