People who have to use their voice intensively on a daily basis can sometimes suffer from voice complaints. Think of a hoarse voice, voice fatigue, lump in the throat, a sore and irritated throat or the loss of possibilities and control over the voice.
When these complaints last longer, the voice problems can worsen and work or singing (in a choir) even seems impossible.
The voice is more difficult to recover from stress and the complaints arise more quickly.

Voice therapy looks at the way of speaking, breathing and general tension in the body.
The voice technique is optimized so that the voice can recover and handle more load. In addition, it is examined how the new speaking technique can be spoken in the practice that applies to you.


We work with the very latest techniques. Think of LaxVox (bubbling) and Manual Facilitation of the Larynx (larynx massage).


"Your voice says a lot about how you feel, how you want to make yourself clear and who you are."