Veerle Koenen

From an early age I knew that I wanted to work with people in the field of music, singing and the speaking voice. When I saw the speech therapist training, I immediately knew that I wanted to become a speech therapist! During this study all areas of speech therapy are covered, but the field of '' voice '' immediately appealed to me the most. In 2018 I graduated from HAN in Nijmegen. After my studies, I was able to follow the course Manual Facilitation of the larynx, among other things, there are also many great courses in the pipeline for treating the voice.


Your voice says a lot about how you feel, how you want to make yourself clear and who you are. Every voice is different, your voice is yours. Every treatment process is therefore different and adapted to your wishes and your voice. I am happy to help you achieve your goals in this.

In addition to accompanying clients for the singing voice, among other things, I also like to sing and play the piano and ukulele. Within Stemzorg I will be able to further develop my skills in the field of speaking and singing voice. I look forward to working with you!